What’s your fantasy?  Do you want to be rescued by a fireman who ties you up and takes advantage of you? Interrogated by a police officer who doesn’t respect your personal space?  A doctor who man-handles you and gives you a physical like you’ve never experienced before? I can be your step-father, cell-mate, work boss, drill sergeant, football coach, trainer or whomever you want me to be.


You should never be too embarrassed to tell me your fantasies. My passion and pleasure is making them reality for you. Have you been naughty and need to be spanked? Do you need the do need a thorough check-up by the doctor? Are you submissive and looking for this Alfa dominant top daddy to take control?  Don't be shy. Just ask me. I guarantee that you will have a great time. Optional fetishes are also available. Check my schedule for availability and make the call.